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To be a resource hub for families to obtain helpful information for grieving youth.


To provide families with the resources needed to help youth transition through the stages of grief.

About Us

About Julia’s Kids

Julia’s Kids Incorporated is a 501(c) (3) organization that provides resources for youth who have experienced the death of a loved one in Miami -Dade and Broward county.

Feel. Talk. Cope. Grow.

Our organization developed this formula for mental wellness after one of our group therapy sessions. After a loss, one has to identify how and what they are FEELing. Once this is established, those feelings should be validated. TALKing to a professional to help through the grieving process has been instrumental in effective grieving. While speaking with a professional, you learn how to COPE using skills to guide you through those feelings/events/trauma. Personal GROWth and healing is the ultimate goal.


We Advocate For Mental Wellness

How to Talk to Your Child About Grief


Julia’s Kids Resource Center

Julia’s Kids Resource Center is where families can get guidance after a loss. Our resources include therapeutic, educational, and legal services to assist with the transition.

Our Founder & CEO

My impetus for founding Julia’s Kids Incorporated in 2015 was the sudden death of my friend Julia Bennett. I lost a dear friend, but my heart broke for her three children who were left behind. While mentoring to them, I witnessed hopelessness and depression. We sought professional help from a therapist. This experience exposed me to the transformational power of grief counseling and sadly, how many children in our community desperately need access to it.

– Yolande McCray, DNP


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What's Going On

Events & News 2023







Julia’s Kids will be at this Summer Camp!


Book Review and Discussion


Book Review and Discussion




November 21st is Child Grief Awareness Day Don’t forget to wear blue in support!



What People Are Saying

“In times like these when life is unpredictable, it’s necessary to have these things in order.”

T. Williams

“This is certainly a service i would need. I think our family should be aware of how we would like our children to be raised.”

L. Headley

“Youth Summit was amazing, I was perfect I learned a lot.”

Kaylei Green, 12 Year Old Participant

“Hi, Yolanda. Just wanted to take the time to say thanks again. Lisa enjoyed herself on Friday with her group. And she is doing well with her one on one sessions. The office is literally 5 minutes away from our home. Everything is falling into place for her. We definitely see a difference in the pay two weeks. Thank God. I know this process is like baby steps. But I just wanted to thank you for your help. Seeing her somewhat better helps my family also cope with our sadness. Thanks again and God bless!!”

Lisa, 10 Year Old Participant